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Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone manual purchasing processes with our Automated Purchase Order System.

Purchasing Order System Features:

No matter your industry or size, our automated purchase order management enables you to make precise and proactive purchasing decisions. It equips you with all the tools you need to streamline your purchasing process.

Engage with Your Suppliers with Ease

OrderEazi streamlines communication between your sales team and suppliers by providing a secure platform to share documents and track orders. No more chasing suppliers. Simply log on to OrderEazi and make use of our built-in supplier feeds to find the exact product(s) you need.

Smart Supplier Selection

OrderEazi empowers you to make informed supplier decisions by providing detailed supplier feeds, including ratings by other OrderEazi users. In turn, this helps you select the right supplier for your needs and minimises the risk of quality/delivery issues. If you prefer to use your own catalogue, you can easily upload it to our platform and import products directly into automated quotes and purchase orders.

Improved Inventory Management

OrderEazi simplifies inventory processing, enabling you to manage purchase orders and monitor stock levels with ease. With OrderEazi, you avoid selling items that are out of stock and streamline the shipping and delivery process. This saves time, enhances accuracy and optimises your overall purchasing process.

Automated Purchase Orders

OrderEazi automates the purchase order uploading process by generating purchase orders automatically based on your preferred template. Once a quote has been approved, you can generate and send the purchase order directly to your supplier. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error.

Manage Your Suppliers In One Place

With OrderEazi, you can manage all your suppliers from a single platform. You can easily pull supplier information and feeds, review purchase history, and monitor payment and order status. Consequently, this helps you to build better relationships with your suppliers, reduce the risk of disputes and ensure timely delivery.


A software solution that streamlines and automates the entire purchasing process, from automatically creating quotes and purchase orders to managing supplier relationships by facilitating effective communication.

Some benefits include improved efficiency, reduced costs, increased accuracy, enhanced visibility and control, and streamlined communication with suppliers.

An automated purchase order management system works by centralising purchasing processes, automating tasks such as purchase order creation and approvals, and providing visibility into supplier information and inventory levels.

Key features to look for in an automated purchase order management system include automated purchase order creation, supplier management, approval workflows, spend data, and seamless integration with other systems such as accounting systems like Sage or Xero.

The ease of implementation can vary depending on the specific system and the complexity of your purchasing processes. OrderEazi provides a guided onboarding process that will ensure effective implementation into your business.

The cost of an automated purchase order management system can vary based on the vendor, the features offered, and the size of your organisation. Click here to see our pricing packages and choose the perfect option for your business and budget.  

A laptop showing the OrderEazi order management system dashboard.

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