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Are you struggling to establish a workflow that works for your business? Our Workflow Management System can help you. 

Workflows Features:

OrderEazi enables you to customise dynamic workflows tailored to your unique requirements. Our user-friendly interface facilitates the swift creation of workflow stages. Also, you can establish various workflows for different orders, projects or stages. This guarantees that all team members follow the same procedures.  

Effortless Set Up Of Unique Workflows

At OrderEazi, we understand that every business has its own processes. As a result, we developed a customisable workflow management system that allows you to set up tailored workflows. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the process, making it easy to create and manage custom workflows, no matter how intricate.

Set Specific Conditions For Every Workflow

OrderEazi’s customisable workflow management system allows you to set conditions for each workflow. As a result, your processes are always aligned with your business needs. With our platform, you can easily create workflows with specific conditions that trigger actions such as order fulfilment or notifications. Whether you need to set up conditions based on customer behaviour, order value or product availability, OrderEazi can help.

View All Workflows In One Place

Our platform allows you to view and manage all your customised workflows from a centralised dashboard. In turn, making it easier to monitor your processes and ensure that everything runs smoothly. With OrderEazi, you can stay on top of your business operations and quickly make any necessary changes to your workflows.

Set Authorisation Requirements For Specific Tasks

OrderEazi’s customisable workflow management system includes the ability to set up authorisation requirements for specific tasks performed by team members. You can easily create workflows that require approval or authorisation from designated team members before a task is completed. Therefore, only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information or can perform crucial tasks.


A workflow is a set of pre-defined steps or actions that need to be taken to fulfil an order. It is a sequence of steps that starts from the order placement to its delivery, including payment processing, inventory management, order tracking, and shipping.

Workflows can be customised to fit in with your business needs and streamline the process of order fulfilment which reduces errors and increases efficiency. It ensures that all the necessary steps are taken in the right order to complete an order, minimising delays and improving customer satisfaction.

Yes, OrderEazi allows the customisation of workflows to meet specific business requirements. This includes the ability to add or remove steps in the workflow, change the order in which the steps are performed and authorisation capabilities.

OrderEazi can track the progress of an order through the workflow by assigning a unique identifier to each order and updating its status at each step of the workflow. This allows businesses to monitor the progress of orders in real time and identify any bottlenecks or delays in the process.

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