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OrderEazi is your reliable partner when it comes to making informed business decisions with ease and confidence. Our platform is designed to provide you with comprehensive reports that give you a clear overview of your business performance. With just a few clicks, you can access essential information about your key performance indicators (KPIs), including sales reports, supplier spend reports, commission reports and other critical data. 

Project Stage Report

Displays the amount of money in orders at various stages, including orders in production, received, completed, and closed quotes. This report enables you to track your profits and identify any potential shortfalls. The Project Stage Report can be easily exported to Excel, where it can be organised and analysed in pivot tables. As a result, it provides greater flexibility and customisation, allowing you to identify trends and patterns in your project stages.

Sales Per Industry/ Rep Report

Allows you to organise customers by industry and track sales by salesperson, industry, and value. By using this report, you can gain insights into which sales reps are performing well and in which industries and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, you can use the Sales Per Industry/Rep Report to determine which industries have the most potential for growth and which sales reps need additional support to expand their client base.

Supplier Spend Report

Provides valuable insights into your top spending suppliers, along with the corresponding reps, customers, and products involved. This report details costs, sales, and profit for each supplier, and can be customised to suit your needs. You can easily slice and dice your supplier spend data to gain a more in-depth understanding of your spending patterns.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Report

Here you can create customised sales groups based on regions, teams, or any other criteria you choose. This report provides data on a per-group basis, giving you a clear summary of your sales performance. You can also view daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots of your sales, and the report is split into two categories: invoiced and confirmed.

Glenday Sieve Report

Analyse sales data and make more informed business decisions by identifying which products are generating the most revenue, plan for seasonal trends, optimise inventory levels and make better purchasing decisions. Additionally, it helps in identifying slow-moving items, reducing inventory costs, and helping you to make more space in your warehouse.

Stock Ageing Report

Provides a snapshot of your inventory’s movement by indicating the last date and time that something was actioned on an order. By analysing this data, you can identify products that are not selling as quickly as others, determine the reasons behind slow-moving inventory, and take action to address the underlying issues. Additionally, this report helps in assessing the age of the stock and making decisions on whether to replenish or remove it from your inventory, reducing carrying costs and making more space.

Order History Report

Provides a comprehensive overview of an order’s journey, including information on who performed which action, when, and why. By accessing the date and time of every change made to the order, you can gain insights into the various stages of the order processing cycle, enabling you to improve operational efficiency, identify bottlenecks and take proactive steps to address them.

Valuation Reports

Provide valuable insights into your inventory’s value and stock levels. By analysing these reports, you can determine the value of your current inventory and identify overstocked or understocked items, which can impact cash flow and profits. Lastly, this report helps in making informed decisions about inventory replenishment, forecasting demand, and optimising inventory levels to ensure sufficient stock levels while avoiding excess carrying costs.

Customer Statements

Get an overview of each customer’s account, including payment history, outstanding balances, and any transactions made. This report is especially useful for clients who do not have an ERP system and need a simple and effective way to monitor their customer accounts.


A sales order management solution is a streamlined and automates sales process that eliminates the manual entry and tracking of sales orders. Order Eazi helps your business processes sales orders directly, streamlining your order-to-delivery process and dramatically improves your customer service.

Order processing is the process that picks, packs and delivers packed items ready for shipping to the shipping carrier and is the key element of order fulfillment.

The term automated orders refers to a computer network that transfers instructions to an appointed order turnaround system. This order system routes traders instructions so they can be implemented. An automated order system is hosted, which means that no software is required on a company’s computer network, so you can take orders from customers electronically. 

Sales order processing is the sequence of actions performed by a business to complete a customer purchase. Files are read electronically, then matched against details of the sales quote. This generates a transaction file for automatic importation into the finance or ERP system.

We process the information through the ERP order management solution. Then, an order entry is created. As soon as the sales order is generated, resource allocation begins to acquire raw materials from the inventory stock. The order reaches the production stage and is well-led through an ERP solution until the end of the assembly line. This begins a chain of automated events so that we can monitor and control the order process in real-time. 

Faster processing: an automatic order system eliminates the paperwork which leads to faster processing and quicker shipping.  

Inventory: sales order processing enables your system to assign stock to fulfil an order. This can help you identify issues and minimise returns and cancellations. 

Accuracy: automation can minimise or eradicate human error. 

Agility: automated sales order processing gives salespeople better visibility into the whole sales cycle. 

A laptop showing the OrderEazi order management system dashboard.

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