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Manage orders from start to finish, get better visibility into sales and optimised inventory levels and keep your customers satisfied at the click of a button.

Sales Features:

Streamline the entire order management process seamlessly, right from the initial order placement to its final fulfilment. With our efficient sales order management system, you will delight your customers with ease and convenience.

Make Informed Decisions Efficiently

OrderEazi allows you to manage the entire order lifecycle from start to finish. Gain better insight into your sales, optimise your inventory, and meet customer demands by making informed decisions. With OrderEazi, you can see, track and manage orders so that you can easily scale when your business grows.

Universal Branding Calculator

Our sales order management system includes a universal branding calculator, simplifying your customers’ selection of custom branding options. This helps you fill and complete orders more quickly and effectively.

Manage Suppliers and Products Effortlessly

With OrderEazi’s sales order management system, you can easily keep track of your suppliers and streamline your operations. Additionally, you can create custom products with ease and save time by automatically importing custom supplier feeds and products.

Manage Customers Effectively

With OrderEazi, you can have all your customer data in one convenient dashboard. You won’t have to spend hours navigating multiple platforms or trying to find the data yourself. Finally, your sales teams can provide the best customer service possible because all their customer information is always readily available.


A sales order management solution is a streamlined and automates sales process that eliminates the manual entry and tracking of sales orders. Order Eazi helps your business processes sales orders directly, streamlining your order-to-delivery process and dramatically improves your customer service.

Order processing is the process that picks, packs and delivers packed items ready for shipping to the shipping carrier and is the key element of order fulfillment.

The term automated orders refers to a computer network that transfers instructions to an appointed order turnaround system. This order system routes traders instructions so they can be implemented. An automated order system is hosted, which means that no software is required on a company’s computer network, so you can take orders from customers electronically. 

Sales order processing is the sequence of actions performed by a business to complete a customer purchase. Files are read electronically, then matched against details of the sales quote. This generates a transaction file for automatic importation into the finance or ERP system.

We process the information through the ERP order management solution. Then, an order entry is created. As soon as the sales order is generated, resource allocation begins to acquire raw materials from the inventory stock. The order reaches the production stage and is well-led through an ERP solution until the end of the assembly line. This begins a chain of automated events so that we can monitor and control the order process in real-time. 

Faster processing: an automatic order system eliminates the paperwork which leads to faster processing and quicker shipping.  

Inventory: sales order processing enables your system to assign stock to fulfil an order. This can help you identify issues and minimise returns and cancellations. 

Accuracy: automation can minimise or eradicate human error. 

Agility: automated sales order processing gives salespeople better visibility into the whole sales cycle. 

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