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Reap The Benefits Of Joining our Supplier Network.

Becoming a supplier with OrderEazi means unlocking a world of opportunities for growth and expansion. OrderEazi empowers suppliers like you to connect with a vast network of potential customers and ensures that your products reach a wider audience.

What Does It Mean to Become a Supplier? 

By becoming a supplier with OrderEazi, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your products to your customers and enjoy the advantages of an automated and efficient system. Our platform is designed to simplify the order management process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional products and fostering long lasting relationships with your resellers.

Benefits of Becoming a Supplier 

Service Your Clients Better

At OrderEazi, we believe in fostering strong relationships to make the process of doing business more efficient and convenient for everyone involved. The system simplifies all interactions with clients and resellers by automating tedious manual processes.

Access via API

Provide your customers with real-time access to your product catalogue, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and easily.

Selective Product Exposure

Maintain control over your product offerings by choosing which items to show in your catalogue. Whether you want to highlight new releases, featured products or specific categories, OrderEazi empowers you to curate a tailored selection that showcases your high-quality products. 

Supplier Toolbox

The OrderEazi Supplier Toolbox is a comprehensive resource designed to support and empower our vendors in promoting and selling OrderEazi to their clients.


Distributing your catalogue information such as product details, imagery and pricing information is made easy by joining our supplier feed network. We will implement the capability in OrderEazi on your behalf, for you to get more sales. We are all about sharing product data effectively and accurately, and in doing so, your customers will never see the wrong price or use the wrong description for a product when they sell to their customers.

Ensuring that your product data is up to date and accurate among all your customers is a laborious task. When you are sending emails with updated excel sheets with your new stock levels and pricing to customers, it becomes a management nightmare. You can miss a customer, copy and paste the wrong price for the wrong product, the list is endless. You will not have to do any of that when you expose your data via a supplier feed to OrderEazi customers. 

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