Revolutionising the Beauty Supply Industry: Sparkle's Success with OrderEazi

Business Type: 

Sparkle, a family-owned import and distribution business with 30 years of experience, is a leading player in the beauty and cosmetic supply industry. They import and distribute top-tier nail and beauty products to professional salons, spas, and nail resellers. 


Beauty/Cosmetic Supply 

Sparkle is a stalwart in the beauty industry. This family-owned business faced significant challenges in order management, particularly with low order placement percentages and an overburdened sales team. The need for scalable and independent growth became imperative. 

Sparkle, operating in the beauty and cosmetic supply sector, has a rich history spanning three decades. The company serves professional markets, nail consumers, and retailers. Their mission is to integrate and streamline their business operations, creating a more engaging shopping experience for clients. 

The Challenge:

Before implementing OrderEazi, Sparkle grappled with low order placement, an expensive and resource-draining sales force, and challenges in scalability. The sales team was burdened with processing orders, creating a barrier between clients and products. The need for a system that could facilitate growth without dependence on a specific sales personality was crucial. 

The Solution:

OrderEazi emerged as the comprehensive solution to Sparkle’s challenges. Customised features were implemented to address specific pain points, enabling more orders to be placed by clients directly and fostering business scalability. The integration with the Palladium accounting system and additional features propelled Sparkle into a new era of efficiency. 


Though daunting and challenging, the implementation journey was guided by the OrderEazi team’s expertise. Despite initial concerns, consistent communication and support from OrderEazi ensured a smooth transition. Going live posed challenges, but Sparkle navigated through, learning the platform while sustaining day-to-day business operations. 

Results and Benefits:

Since implementing OrderEazi, Sparkle has witnessed fewer errors in order placement, missed payments, and increased efficiency. The system’s user-friendly interface and order-tracking features have streamlined processes, empowering the team to work more efficiently. 

Nicole, a Director at Sparkle, shared, “We had a very overwhelming set of requirements; I never worked with a more competent team of people, a pleasure to deal with, clearly the most wonderful culture at OrderEazi. Even with challenging conversations, we still feel we are on the same team. OrderEazi has our back; that’s the key; it was terrifying, but we knew we would get there—the team of people is in the right hands.” 

In conclusion, Sparkle’s transformative journey with OrderEazi showcases the power of a tailored order management solution. The case study highlights the efficiency, scalability, and positive impact on Sparkle’s business operations. 

For businesses seeking growth, scalability, and streamlined order management, Sparkle’s success with OrderEazi serves as an inspiration. Contact OrderEazi today to explore how your organisation can embark on a similar transformative journey. 

Special thanks to Sparkle for their collaboration and insights in making this case study possible. We appreciate their trust in OrderEazi and commitment to continuous improvement. 

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