Streamlining Corporate Efficiency: Rocket's OrderEazi Success Story

Business Type: 

Rocket is a leading pan-African corporate gifts supplier, specialising in corporate gift branding and delivering promotional products across Eastern Africa. 


Corporate gifts/promotional products industry.

The company has over a decade of experience operating in the branded corporate gifts industry, with clients in over 40+ pan-African markets.

The Challenge:

The Rocket team faced notable challenges in their order management processes. Administrative inefficiencies, time-consuming document creation, manual order tracking procedures and a need for increased automation made it imperative for them to find a solution. One that would increase speed and provide automation. Their goal was to streamline processes, optimise accuracy, and improve productivity and overall customer experience.

The Solution:

OrderEazi emerged as the ideal solution to Rocket’s challenges. The system offered customised features, addressing their need for automation, integration, and efficient order processing. It became the catalyst for positive change in their order management landscape.


Implementing OrderEazi initially posed challenges, but Rocket worked closely with the team to integrate the system seamlessly.  

Results and Benefits:

With the successful implementation of OrderEazi at Rocket, the company experienced significant time savings with streamlined processes, automated document creation and integration across their key systems. The integration feature provided a reliable audit trail and improved overall accuracy, enhancing credibility. 

According to Essy, a key team member at Rocket, “It’s been a positive experience for our stakeholders as we’ve gained speed and accuracy. We wanted something that easily blended into our workflow and system, which this one does. Overall, what we were looking for in a system is what was achieved with OrderEazi.” 

In conclusion, Rocket’s journey with OrderEazi showcases the transformative impact of an efficient order management system. The case study highlights the importance of customization, support, and continuous improvement in overcoming challenges. 

Rocket’s success with OrderEazi is an inspiring example for businesses seeking streamlined order management. Contact OrderEazi today to explore how your organization can benefit from enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 

Special thanks to Rocket for their collaboration and insights in making this case study possible. We appreciate their trust in OrderEazi and commitment to continuous improvement.

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