Making Strides in The IT Industry: Digital Generation’s Success with OrderEazi

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Digital Generation (DG), a preeminent ICT enterprise in South Africa, celebrates over two decades of excellence. Distinctively owned by black women, DG has carved a niche in the IT landscape, championing innovation and comprehensive solutions.


DG specialises in the ICT computer domain, supplying hardware and sophisticated enterprise equipment. This expertise has cemented DG’s status as a beacon of reliability and ingenuity in the IT sphere.

DG is synonymous with quality and innovation, catering to diverse industrial needs with a holistic approach. The cornerstone of DG’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

Aligning with top-tier technology partners, DG’s portfolio spans from consumer devices like phones and tablets to intricate server and network solutions for data centres. This extensive product suite, backed by DG’s knowledgeable team, ensures tailored IT resolutions.

The Challenge:

DG’s paramount requirement was an automated order management framework that could seamlessly meld with existing digital infrastructures.

The Solution:

OrderEazi emerged as the quintessential solution, fostering an integrated ecosystem that resonated with DG’s operational ethos. This alliance was characterised by effortless integration and mutual technological harmony.


Post-implementation, DG has witnessed transformative benefits such as heightened automation, integrated customer interfaces, and streamlined order management. The system’s adaptability and user-friendly nature have significantly enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.

Results and Benefits:

Since implementing OrderEazi, DG has experienced significant benefits, including automation, integrated customer feeds, and a simplified order management process. The system’s capability to pull ERP and other feeds and its simplicity and flexibility have been particularly beneficial for DG. The transition from manual to automatic processes has increased DG’s efficiency and productivity.

Zakiya, a DG executive, said, “OrderEazi has revolutionised our operational framework. Its adaptability aligns perfectly with our business needs, complemented by unparalleled support from the OrderEazi team. The platform has received accolades from our sales division for its efficacy.”

OrderEazi has empowered Digital Generation with a robust and streamlined order management system, enabling a focus on core business functions. The synergy between DG and OrderEazi has been instrumental in achieving seamless integration and yielding positive results.

Contact us today to learn more about how OrderEazi can benefit your business. Experience the ease and efficiency of OrderEazi for yourself and take your order management processes to the next level.

We thank Digital Generation for their collaboration and insights in this case study, which have been pivotal in illustrating OrderEazi’s advantages.

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