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The intuitive cloud-based order management system designed to save you time and propel your growth. Seamlessly manage orders, track shipments, and generate reports with ease.

Streamline your order management process,

OrderEazi streamlines your order management process, freeing you to focus on what matters most – expanding your tech empire!

Specifically crafted for tech businesses

Specifically crafted for tech businesses like yours, OrderEazi empowers you with a user-friendly platform built to boost your productivity and success.

Witness your business reach new heights

Witness your business reach new heights as OrderEazi simplifies tasks, accelerates your growth and delivers a remarkable customer experience.

Integrates well with others.

OrderEazi integrates with the most effective and scalable technologies to help make your business even more efficient and productive.

Customer Testimonials

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Honestly OrderEazi has lived up to its name, it has made our internal operations processes much easier as we are a business that has a lot of small orders that have a short lead-time. It is so easy to learn, teach and customise according to our company structure with us also having multi-currencies. OrderEazi saved us from working with spreadsheets with customers and with our internal operations. Working with Freddie and the team is such a pleasure as they assist with all our enquiries quickly to not halt our internal processes.
Onwards and Upwards!


Nontobeko Khwela
Operations Coordinator – 


I love working with the OrderEazi team. They’re quick to respond to tickets and resolve issues. We appreciate your readiness to improve the platform to serve us, your clients, better.


Essy Omondi
Project Manager –


We have used OrderEazi from the time we launched our business and we have absolutely loved working with this system. We couldn’t run our business without it and the integration between various back-end business systems helps us with a much easier business practice every day. OrderEazi helps us connect Sales, Procurement, Accounting and much more all under one easy-to-use system. Further to this, the Warp support team is brilliant and we would highly recommend this system to any sized business.


Lee Treurinich
Director –
Thunder Marketing

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