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You’ve probably heard the saying cash is king, but in today’s world, data is king. Timely and accurate information can make the difference between making sound decisions that drive growth or struggling to stay ahead of the curve. Recognising this need, OrderEazi steps forward as your trusted pair of automated hands, offering a variety of custom reports that empower you to make informed business decisions.

Comprehensive Reports for Informed Decision-Making

We understand the challenges businesses face when trying to navigate complex data to gain actionable insights. OrderEazi is meticulously designed to simplify this process, offering a range of reports that provide a birds-eye view of your business performance. These reports cover key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, supplier spending, commissions and other critical data, ensuring you have the information you need right at your fingertips. 

Let’s explore some of the remarkable insights provided by OrderEazi’s custom reports:

Project Stage Report

The Project Stage Report is your window into tracking your profits and identifying potential shortfalls. It offers a breakdown of the amount of money in orders at various stages, including orders in production, received, completed and closed quotes. With the ability to easily export this report to Excel, you gain the flexibility to analyse data using pivot tables. This customisation empowers you to uncover trends and patterns in your project stages, allowing for more strategic decision-making.

Sales Per Industry/Rep Report

Organise your customers by industry and track sales by salesperson, industry and value using this report. Gain insights into your top-performing sales reps and industries, as well as areas for improvement. This report helps identify industries with growth potential and provides a clear roadmap for supporting sales reps in expanding their client base.

Supplier Spend Report

Gain valuable insights into your top-spending suppliers, along with associated reps, customers and products. This report delves into costs, sales and profit for each supplier. Easily slice and dice supplier spend data to gain a deeper understanding of your spending patterns.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Report

Customise sales groups based on regions, teams or any criteria you choose. This report provides data on a per-group basis, offering a clear summary of your sales performance. You can monitor daily, weekly and monthly snapshots of sales, categorised into invoiced and confirmed sections, allowing for precise analysis. 

As part of the OrderEazi Enterprise licence, we offer the following reports:

Glenday Sieve Report

Leverage this report to analyse sales data and make informed decisions about product revenue, seasonal trends, inventory optimisation and purchasing strategies. Identify slow-moving items to reduce inventory costs and free up warehouse space.

Stock Ageing Report

This report provides a snapshot of your inventory’s movement, helping you identify products that are slow-moving and assessing stock age. Armed with this data, you can make decisions to replenish or remove items from your inventory, reducing carrying costs and maximising space utilisation.

Valuation Reports

Get a deep understanding of your inventory’s value and stock levels. Identify overstocked or understocked items to optimise cash flow and profits while making informed decisions about inventory replenishment and demand forecasting.

In a data-driven world, OrderEazi partners with you by harnessing the power of custom reports to drive informed decisions. With our comprehensive suite of reports, you can navigate the complexities of business data with ease and confidence. Get started with OrderEazi today and unlock the true potential of your business.

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